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My little life has had quite the flurry of activity lately. And while it has been mostly wonderful (a visit from an old college friend and her strapping paramour, an evening of theatrical entertainment, a 33 1/3 birthday party for Jim's old college friend, the aforementioned successful blood test along with the usual running around and doing stuff), I am completely tapped out today. I think I will go to bed earlier than usual tonight and get a good night's rest.

Because tomorrow night: 30 Girl Bands in 60 Minutes! You should go. And you should stop by the merch table and say hi to me and Mr. Jimmie and buy some raffle tickets and t-shirts.

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If you say hi to us, we might right about you in our blogs! Your name will be on the Word Wide Webb! You'll be famous forever!!!!

jima @ 04/16/2003 08:57 AM CST

And if I am already famous forever, you'll . . . . ?

elavil @ 04/16/2003 06:14 PM CST

We'll pat you on the back and say, "Good job."

jima @ 04/16/2003 09:07 PM CST

Thanks! We had helluva good time with y'all! Next time you are in GR (coz God is punishing you for something), we'd be happy to have you stay!

michelle & michael @ 04/18/2003 05:29 PM CST

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