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Did you see me? Admittedly, I wasn't performing or even doing anything interesting. I was merely delivering a plastic butterfly net full of raffle tickets at the 30 Girl Bands in 60 Minutes benefit for our beloved Neo-Futurists. But still. It was pretty cool up there, looking at the crowd from the rock-star POV. Hello, Chicago! Are you ready to rock?

Highlights of the show:

A self-effacing Kelly Hogan, shyly strumming her guitar and singing gorgeously.
Anna Fermin's Trigger Gospel and their rollicking version of "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" -- I'll definitely check out these swingin' rockabilly cats again.
The sassy minxes of Big Smith, everyone's favorite all-gal percussion ensemble, fresh from their ass-smackin' burlesque show gig.
Goth cabaret act the Weird Sisters, performing a campy "Total Eclipse of the Heart" that brought the house down.
Golosa, a traditional Russian choir.
Butterfly Kiss, the prefab Neo-Futurist girl-group ("you'll know it's Christmas when I shake my ass!")
Singer Elizabeth Conant and guitarist Fareed Haque, singing sweetly (but not, you know, syrupy-sweetly) about their co-produced bun in Elizabeth's oven, just days from delivery.
Even in Blackouts, doing an acoustic, unmiked and pretty rendition of the old Yaz chestnut, "Only You."
Loud, fast punk from Panda Panda, featuring Mia Park of Kim (and Chic-a-go-go).
R&B belter Vanessa Davis, who introduced herself as "the fuckin' old lady" and finished her song by deep-throating her microphone, which was startlingly crude and hilarious.
And, for the grand finale, all the bands on stage for a sloppy but heartfelt ride through "War," led by Davis. Good gawd, y'all.

Replies: 5 Confessions

Yeah, you were on stage for like 5 minutes, and you *still* had to have twelve roadies to help set up your equipment!

jima @ 04/18/2003 09:22 AM CST

That *also* sounds pornographic.
In a good way.

Jessica @ 04/18/2003 11:36 AM CST

Amy, you are my favorite rock star. Well, except for maybe Stuart Davis.

elavil @ 04/18/2003 12:31 PM CST

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