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America-hater Rush Limbaugh don't like no dang ol' First Amendment: "Tim Robbins, who thinks he can say any thing at any time . . . I have a question: How is it that Tim Robbins is still walking free? How in the world is this guy still able to go to the National Press Club and say whatever he wants to say?"

Replies: 3 Confessions

i loved tim robbins' speech. i watched almost all of it yesterday and even made an lj entry about how everyone should turn it on. i think he's great.

i can't wait to come see you.
i'm like, dying from excitement!

jobteh @ 04/20/2003 11:54 PM CST

wow i spelled my own name wrong.

you know the problems i have with name-spelling.

jobeth @ 04/20/2003 11:55 PM CST

You have some serious-ass name-spelling problems, jobteh!

amyc @ 04/21/2003 07:16 AM CST

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