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Look out, Sugar Kane -- your tenure as the world's sexiest ukulele player is about to end! Mr. Jimmie signed up for uke lessons at the Old Town School.

He will rock your world, I tell you!

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Look for me in the sequel to "A Mighty Wind". It'll probably be called "Another Mighty Wind".

I'm just excited about taking a class at Ye Olde Town School. A lot of history and tradition in that 50-year-old institution. Also, a lot of white-haired guys playing banjos. I wonder if they have a voice class to teach you the Pete Seeger vocal technique...

jima @ 04/22/2003 11:10 AM CST

I think you should sign up for the class that teaches you how to sound like Peter Stampfel.

elavil @ 04/22/2003 01:02 PM CST

I think, for Stampfel voice, they have some sort of clamp for your neck.

jima @ 04/22/2003 01:14 PM CST

Wouldn't that sequel be called 'A Still Mightier Wind?" Or possibly "Laying Low the Mountains of the Earth?"

I think for the Stampfel voice you have not drank or done drugs nearly enough. And neither have I or any four other people I know all together.

This raises a good point tho. You need to learn how to play "Bad Boy" on this new uke of yours.

Phineas @ 04/22/2003 01:24 PM CST

And it's called a Clampett, right?

elavil @ 04/22/2003 01:25 PM CST

You and Phineas could become the Holy Modal Polygons. Phineas, of course, would be Weber.
Pick it, Slim.

elavil @ 04/22/2003 01:55 PM CST

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