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Why can't George W. Bush obey the laws as the rest of Americans must?

Unless Alabama's election law is changed, President Bush could be left off the state's presidential election ballot in 2004.

The problem is that the Republican National Convention is being held later than usual to avoid conflict with the Olympics and the GOP won't choose a candidate until Sept. 2 - two days after Alabama's Aug. 31 deadline to certify presidential candidates.

Republicans are asking the Democrat-controlled Legislature to change the law and extend the deadline until Sept. 5.


"If we followed the law precisely, it would mean he would not be on the ballot," [Alabama Secretary of State Nancy] Worley said.

But why follow the law precisely? That won't get you anywhere! Especially when the GOP is delaying their convention until after the Olympics so they can get it closer to the anniversary of Sept. 11, and Bush can once again exploit 3,000 burned corpses for his own political gain. What an America-lovin' patriot!

Link from Atrios

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ahhh yes. think there is a connection between never having to personally face the consequences of bad decision making and general disregard for "the process".

GOP leadership, as far as I can tell, is chocked full of corporate alpha apes who have made disregarding regulations, ethics and laws viable (not to mention profitable) business plans. why change when they are in the public sector?

besides, as we all know, pesky rules are for the plebs.

shechemist @ 04/23/2003 09:12 AM CST

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