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Middle-Aged Man 1: So what are you doing tonight?

Middle-Aged Man 2: I'm hanging out with the urologists! My urologist friend is in town!

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The urologist friend! Who wears a urologist hat! And drives a urologist car! And plays urologist games!

All of the other urologists
Used to laugh and call him names,
They never let poor Middle-Aged Man 2
Join in any urologist games.

jima @ 04/24/2003 01:37 PM CST

This reminds me:
While driving around in Naperville one spring day, I saw a really nasty-looking balding, liver-spotted, 50-ish guy driving a bright red Corvette whose license plate read:
a nasty test in which a urologist sticks a hose up somebody's urinary tract and into the bladder where said urologist peers around and observes things, I guess. And yes, the victim is awake at the time. I'm thinking this is not an activity I would want to advertise my role in but hey.

elavil @ 04/24/2003 03:07 PM CST

Maybe this was a thinly veiled threat that one should not, er, tailgate him.

jima @ 04/24/2003 04:22 PM CST

I was in Chicago last week for another conference. Midway through it the hotel was invaded by urologists, some of whom were staying there while attending their own, much larger convention. I kept running into them and their associates while eating and hanging out in the hotel bar. However I have to say that I never heard any urology related conversations on Michigan Avenue while I was there.

Gunther @ 04/29/2003 11:00 AM CST

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