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Last night, the fella and I made some faux-jitas -- marinated and sauteed pepper, onion, tomato and chick'n strips, with chihuahua cheese, wrapped in a flour tortilla. They were so tasty. I wish I were still eating them.

I know some vegetarians who are actively repelled by fake flesh products, considering them a form of heresy or something. But not me -- I wholeheartedly embrace the ever-widening array of meat analogs available in my grocer's freezer. Veggie corndogs, veggie bacon, veggie burgers, those TVP crumblies that taste so good in chili or sloppy joes. They make life so much easier! From-scratch meals always have their place, but who can cook like that every day? All the soaking and the sprouting and the slicing and whatnot! And, honestly, a lot of it is just not my idea of a good time. Unless you are Neil, you cannot live on lentils.

Anyway, I didn't become a vegetarian because I wanted to stop eating meat -- I became a vegetarian because I wanted to stop eating animals. If you can make a sandwich that looks and smells and tastes like chicken without harming any feathered little heads, then I will eat that sandwich, friend! Speaking of which, have you tried Quorn? Quorn rocks.

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Those WERE some good fake meat fajitas. The whole fake meat technology is getting really good; the chicken patties are really close to the real thing. And the hot dogs are pretty much there! When we used to have the Morningstar Farms corn dogs, it was impossible to tell them from the meat-ful version. Of course, now they're owned by Kellogg, and use GM corn in the product, so we gotta look elsewhere. Maybe a homemade recipe...

jima @ 04/28/2003 12:50 PM CST

If that's how living on lentils makes a person look, sound, and behave, then lentils are off my shopping list permanently. I will check out the Quorn, though. I like that fake chicken a lot and I'm not even a vegetarian because, hey, chickens deserve to die.

elavil @ 04/28/2003 01:28 PM CST

I'm not a vegetarian, but my boyfriend was one for several years long before we were together, so we've been trying some veggie alternatives lately in an effort to eat healthier. And I must say, Quorn products really rock! I was so impressed with their chik'n nuggets when I tried them at Whole Foods once and we've bought them nearly every grocery trip since.

tasha. @ 04/28/2003 05:56 PM CST

It's just so juicy!

amyc @ 04/29/2003 08:20 AM CST

The rest of the planet is Just Meat, NunBurger. You can take the carnivore out of the omnivore, but...

Ric @ 04/29/2003 02:24 PM CST

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