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Slacktivist has more on the "juvenile enemy combatants" being held at Camp X-ray.

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He appeared irritated Friday by "this constant refrain of 'the juveniles,' as though there's 100 children in there."

Remember the last time Rummy got irritated about the number of something being reported?

In Washington on Friday, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld denied Iraq was falling into chaos, saying at a news conference television images of isolated acts of looting and violence were being played "over and over again" for sensational effect.

Yeah, he's a big bag of farts.

jima @ 04/28/2003 03:47 PM CST

A true donkeykong, probably even the MODEL CASE of donkeykong.
Alert Miriam Webster.

elavil @ 04/28/2003 04:00 PM CST

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