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There's nothing brave in saying, "Hey, I don't think this is right." There's nothing brave about saying, "I feel we are not functioning under a true democracy, I feel like we are being manipulated." That's not brave, that's common sense. I guess it's brave to go on television. It's certainly brave and sadomasochistic to go on Fox. But my choice is either I can yell at Fox on my couch or I can get in there and voice my opinion.

Also at AlterNet -- The Pinking of Peace Politics: is nothing but a trap to suggest that if you're female and against the war, you're upholding an archaic and patriarchal view of women as passive caretakers, not active agents. Women who oppose the war should not be compared to squawky girls covering their eyes in a scary movie. In part, because it gives the false impression that conservatives are really the champions of outspoken women in their historic battle against simplistic stereotypes. But most importantly because peace should not be treated as some wussy stance people take because they just can't handle the truth.

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Who doesn’t love a woman who speaks her mind? Oh right, Bush.

jhames @ 05/01/2003 12:27 AM CST

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