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The GOP, of course, wants to push its convention back so it's closer to the anniversary of Sept. 11 and Chimpy can continue to exploit the attacks for his own political gain. Unfortunately, election laws may force Dim Son to run as a write-in in several states.

First came the news that Alabama officials might have to put President Bush on the ballot as a write-in candidate. It turns out Alabama isn't the only state wondering what it must do to ensure Bush's name appears on the state ballot next year.

The unusually late Republican convention--it does not begin until Aug. 30--is the problem. Bush is not scheduled to accept his party's nomination until Sept. 2, 2004, after the deadline for certifying presidential candidates in Alabama, California, the District of Columbia and West Virginia.

But, honestly, why should he be expected to start following election laws now?

I'm sure the Democrats will stand right up and condemn Bush's action for its crass and horrifying opportunism. Right?

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