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Fitness guru Debbie Mandel thinks it's time for nuns to shape up.

Based on the belief "a sedentary lifestyle is deadly," Mandel has devised a light workout for the sisterhood aimed at alleviating stress and promoting strength and fitness. "We can't cut ourselves off at the neck," she said.

An enthusiastic response from nuns themselves has prompted Mandel to turn the whole exercise into a book to be called, "Changing Habits: The Sisters' Workout," which she expects to be published later this year.

No pain, no gain! That should be an easy concept for nuns to grasp.

Also: Somebody totally has to buy me that book when it comes out.

Edit: Jesus Museum has more info on the exercising nuns, complete with instructions. Squat, sisters, squat!

Replies: 2 Confessions

"We can't cut ourselves off at the neck."

Why not?!?!

jima @ 05/01/2003 01:04 PM CST

HAHAHAAAAAA AHAHAHAHAAAA oh man. your tagline made me laugh till i hurt. sigh. (MAKE IT A HABIT) sorry. just had to throw that in.

amy beth @ 05/01/2003 10:58 PM CST

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