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Crybaby Republicans, not content to just rewrite election laws whenever they feel like it, now want to overturn Senate voting rules as well -- they might sue the Democrats for holding perfectly legal filibusters on the nominations of Miguel Estrada and Priscilla Owen.

Every time I think they can't possibly be bigger assholes, they prove me wrong. Why do they hate the Constitution so much?

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I agree. Oh, things aren't going your way? The conservatively-centric judges you want in those seats aren't getting the backing of the people that decide whether or not to install them? Give em a break, you big babies.
This country and the neo-Nazi, NRA-fellating, reformed-conservative Christian buffoons that the majority of our country elected are making me sick to my stomach. Now they are trying to say that the Democrats aren't playing nice. So, of course, pouting and saying you won't play with them is obviously the answer.

Tim @ 05/02/2003 01:40 PM CST

They hate the Constitution because if they followed it then they would have to play fairly.

the other amy @ 05/03/2003 04:42 PM CST

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