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Atrios has a lovely post up today about conservative reaction to the revelation that professional moralist William Bennett has pissed away $8 million in gambling losses over the last few years.

Bennett is currently director of Empower America, a conservative-asshole thinktank that, among other things, opposes the proliferation of casino gambling.

Buncha goddamned hypocrites mutter mutter mutter....

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Slate has a good rebuttal of the inevitable arguments for Bennett's behavior that are already starting to pop up.

Bennett has been especially critical of libertarian sentiments coming from intellectuals and the media elite. Smoking a bit of pot may not ruin their middle-class lives, but by smoking pot they create an atmosphere of toleration that can be disastrous for others who are not so well grounded. The Bill Bennett who can ooze disdain over this is the same Bill Bennett who apparently thinks he has no connection to all those "problem" gamblers because he makes millions preaching virtue and they don't.

jima @ 05/05/2003 08:05 AM CST

He didn't piss it away. Follow the money!
That $8 million went to the casinos which we can assume then at least
partially went into the underworld economy (prostitution
'n' drugs 'n' Tony Soprano 'n' all that goes with that).
Plus you can assume that (at least indirectly) folks like Wayne Newton,
Sigfried & Roy, Celine Dion, and the Blue Man Group benefit as well.

drench @ 05/05/2003 11:22 AM CST

Well, as long as Siegfried and Roy get something out of the deal, it's OK. Those white tigers can't feed themselves!

amyc @ 05/05/2003 11:25 AM CST

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