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Molly Ivins is always on the lookout for brave Republicans willing to tackle the issues that matter to all Americans. Here's what she found in her home state of Texas:

You'll be happy to know that Bill Zedler, R-Tarrant, has introduced a bill concerning pubic hair (about which I cannot say more, since the rest of the bill is totally unprintable). Zedler's against pubic hair. We still have a $10 billion deficit. I love living under Republican governance.

Here's the text of the bill, with its astounding specificity. You'd think people who could put that much thought into the details of how clothing should cover body parts (or simulated body parts) might in fact be able to put that brain power to work solving real problems. But no.

Replies: 3 Confessions

At first sight, this seems plainly ludicrous.
But then again, I always said that a large minority of Americans votes for Republican governance in order to prove a very patriotic point to the rest of the world: America is such a great country not even the worst politicians can destroy it.
Let's just hope they are right.

Tobias Schwarz @ 05/05/2003 05:13 PM CST

Well, Bush is certainly testing that theory.

amyc @ 05/05/2003 07:10 PM CST

This politician has too much time on his hands and very little imagination. His constituents are are completely oblivious that he is wasting their tax dollars on his prurient interests. Texans, are getting what they deserve.
-A Californian with a Grudge

RitaG @ 05/06/2003 02:33 PM CST

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