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Check this shit out! From The Guardian's weblog:

The weblog habit
Today's prize for the best weblog masthead goes to Amy Carlton's RubberNun, with her offering 'rubbery morality since 2001'. Carlton is quick to point out that this isn't a fetish site, for all those who tip up there by accident after a hasty search on Google. It is, however, a place for people who 'think nuns are freaky and scary ... and oddly compelling'. Even non-nun lovers will find plenty here entertaining.

Thanks, nice British newspaper folks! And a Sisterly welcome to my international visitors! Sister blesses you.

Replies: 7 Confessions

Good stuff

Allen @ 05/12/2003 03:07 PM CST

I've long suspected that my fellow Americans just don't appreciate me. I long for the days when, like Cheap Trick, I'm huge in Japan.

amyc @ 05/12/2003 03:09 PM CST

Right the feck on!

Jessica @ 05/12/2003 03:41 PM CST

wowiee!!! you saw that coming, right? I sure did!

amy beth @ 05/12/2003 08:15 PM CST

wowiee!!! you saw that coming, right? I sure did! CONGRATULATIONS!

amy beth @ 05/12/2003 08:16 PM CST

What a cool thing!

Charlie @ 05/13/2003 11:56 AM CST

Congratulations, Sister! Does this mean you will go on tour soon? You have to give back to the fans, after all.

jhames @ 05/13/2003 12:47 PM CST

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