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One year ago today...

I'm still so fucking married! To celebrate, our beloved officiant The Rt. Rev. Dr. Agnes Lionel and Mr. Lionel took us out for dinner at our favorite Mexican establishment (oh my god!) last night. We'll spend today reliving a little of our past together -- "Duck Soup" at the Music Box (one of our first dates was a Marx Bros./Music Box combo) and dinner tonight at Tomboy, the restaurant where we first met. i'm not tellin' what happens after dinner. Because, you know, I'm a lady.

It's been a wonderful year, and I sure do love that man of mine.

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And I love you, sweet sweet nun lady! Rock on with your ecclesiastical self!

jima @ 05/18/2003 03:11 PM CST

Could I be the LEFT Reverend Agnes Lionel, please? And by the way, although I may have mentioned it a few times already, happy anniversary, you honeymooners.

elavil @ 05/18/2003 03:37 PM CST

Let's hear it for wedded bliss!
don't ever let me say booyah again, tho.

Jessica @ 05/19/2003 04:10 PM CST

Congratulations. The first two years are the hardest, or so I've heard from others. And, you two just seem so damned happy together I think it might be contagious. I'll be rubbing up against you next time I see ya.

Hope you had a good time doing all manner of things un-nun-like.

Cinnamon @ 05/19/2003 05:08 PM CST

Congrats you two.
And thanks for letting us all share in your happiness.

the other amy @ 05/19/2003 05:35 PM CST

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