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Sister says thanks in the way that only she can.

Flash finery courtesy of Mr. Jimmie, senior vice president of Mr. Jimmie's House of Stuff.

Replies: 6 Confessions

Wow, that was really something (???)


Allen @ 05/19/2003 05:10 PM CST


the other amy @ 05/19/2003 05:25 PM CST

aieeeee! all i want to know is who supplied the grra-aaa-aaa voice

the other other amy @ 05/19/2003 07:47 PM CST

Well, Sister of course! Who did you think it was?

amyc @ 05/19/2003 08:39 PM CST

Did you ever think... maybe you have too much time on your hands? Let me know when Sister raps your knuckles.

Mom C @ 05/20/2003 09:14 AM CST

Don't be hatin'.

jima @ 05/20/2003 03:11 PM CST

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