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I forget where I saw this linked, but here's a great post about the alleged "hipster" college-conservative movement the NYT Magazine wrote about on Sunday:

Complaining about the oppressive nature of liberalism on elite college campuses strikes one as akin to complaining about the rigorous hair grooming codes in the military. It is devoutly to be hoped that once these tools graduate and discover that the liberalism they claim to be reacting against scarcely exists in American society outside of academia, they will realize how completely hollow their 'rebellion' truly is.


Despite their best efforts to portray themselves as a grass-roots reaction to stifling collegiate correctness, the involvement of these heavily funded private institutions make the whole thing smack of Beltway propaganda, of a youth movement that didn't grow organically but was hatched in the brain of a PR-minded Republican hack and nursed along like a Romper Room political action committee by some back-room overacheivers. In the 1960s, there were no such multi-million-dollar sources of funding for campus protestors, nor were any needed; like all genuine youth movements, it developed more or less spontaneously until it caught on

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. . . like all genuine youth movements, it developed more or less spontaneously until it caught on.
Oh, right. Like the mullet, or bell bottom pants.

elavil @ 05/28/2003 07:23 AM CST

Do bad fashion choices really constitute a "movement"?

amyc @ 05/28/2003 08:37 AM CST

Bell bottom pants were one of the sacramental aspects of sixties culture (that is, the outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual experience as they say in the catechism), along with beads and feathers and a glazed eye and some bovine perspiration on the upper lip area and the nearly total subjugation of women. My point was that "packaged" vs "spontaneous" is the wrong dichotomy - every good tree puts forth good fruit and I think this is more important than whether the tree was "grown organically." Gah, rhetoric, gah.

elavil @ 05/28/2003 09:46 AM CST

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