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You know those days? After you sleep fitfully (if at all), plagued by unsettling dreams, details vanishing with consciousness but the mood lingering for hours, making you feel panicky and uncertain without knowing why? Where the grey damp outside mirrors that heaviness in your heart? Where you fear one of your neighbors has died because the ambulance was in the street for a very long time and drove away without sirens, leaving family members looking stricken and numb, hugging in the front yard?

Yeah. It's that kind of day.

Replies: 4 Confessions

That's a bad day. I'm thinking the ambulance was not outside the house where the Hummer lives?

elavil @ 05/28/2003 01:48 PM CST

No. Different neighbor.

amyc @ 05/28/2003 02:10 PM CST

What do you usually do for the blue meanies? In addition to the usual treatments (music, friends, chocolate, happy thoughts), my colleague the nutritionist says there is some sort of mood elevator thing in pasta. I know that not everyone in yr family loves spaghetti but I dunno, mac and cheese?

elavil @ 05/28/2003 02:16 PM CST

We're going out for Indian food tonight with my co-worker. Also, we're watching "Office Space," because she's never seen it (can you imagine?) and it seems appropriate this week.

amyc @ 05/28/2003 02:40 PM CST

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