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In case you hadn't heard, a last-minute clause slipped into the tax-cut bill will prevent families making minimum wage from getting that $400-a-child check in the mail this summer. From Slacktivist:

Bush's personal windfall: $26,739

Annual income threshhold below which families will receive no child credit in Bush's tax plan: $26,625

Yes, Mr. President, there are many, many families who live on less income in a year than the nice little lagniappe you just presented yourself with. One out of every six American children lives in such a family. And your tax plan makes sure that such families won't receive the largesse you're so eager to bestow on wealthier families -- and on yourself.

For the love of all that is good and right, can someone explain to me: Where is the fucking outrage?

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We just thank God nobody got a BJ.

Stoffel @ 05/29/2003 09:10 PM CST

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