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I'm unemployed.

I have an interview June 11, the prospect of which has had a strangely calming effect on me. I've been sending out resumes for two months now, and this was the first call-back. Even if I don't get it, I feel less despondent about the whole job search business now. It's just nice to be wanted.

Plus, I got a freelance proofreading gig for next week. So that's some extra scratch.

So my file cabinets are empty, my computer is clean, my stuff is out of the fridge. I'm going to lunch in a few with my fellow employment casualties, and then it's over. It was a good job (usually). I like the people here (mostly). I certainly could have put up with the headaches a while longer (if I weren't being thrown out on my ass, that is).

Oh, well.

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Try to control yr enthusiasm.

elavil @ 05/30/2003 01:36 PM CST

PS Does this mean that you and Henry can take a road trip to see my country house, because of all this free time you'll have?

elavil @ 05/30/2003 01:36 PM CST

Yes, I believe it does.

amyc @ 05/30/2003 03:06 PM CST

on to bigger & better. i promise

amy beth @ 06/05/2003 08:35 AM CST

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