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Terrorist caught at last!

Replies: 4 Confessions

Can we cut his head off? About-a half past eight?

elavil @ 05/31/2003 02:41 PM CST

Just as soon as he tells us who's been helping him live in the North Carolina woods for 7 years, easily evading the Effa Bee Eye.

But hey, at least it's one good thing that's happened in this country since the 2000 elections were decided.

jima @ 05/31/2003 04:40 PM CST

You mean you think somebody was leaving food for him in that dumpster?

elavil @ 06/01/2003 01:39 PM CST

Or maybe helping him hide. It's not like his views and methods aren't unpopular in certain parts of the country, as this NYTimes article shows...

"He's a Christian and I'm a Christian and he dedicated his life to fighting abortion," said Mrs. Davis, 25, mother of four. "Those are our values. And I don't see what he did as a terrorist act."

jima @ 06/01/2003 07:50 PM CST

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