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This is indeed a tragedy, but isn't "monkeypox" the funniest word ever?

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This is the big, hot news story here in Wisconsin - has even pushed the budget disaster to the rear of the bus. I keep feeling bad for the prairie dogs, though.

elavil @ 06/09/2003 01:22 PM CST

Monkeypox... the word makes me giggle. So how does an animal go about having a pox appendix? "In lower Alabama, Betty Sue once catched a mean case of dim der PossumPox. She wuz never quite da same." hee hee

chelle @ 06/09/2003 04:25 PM CST

OK, what do you make of this? The prairie dogs in question caught the pox from Gambian giant pouch rats. Or possibly giant Gambian pouch rats. Or possibly even giant pouch rat Gambians. Beware, I say.

elavil @ 06/09/2003 04:48 PM CST

Who the heck keeps prarie dogs as a pet anyway?

I've been randomly chanting out "monkey pox" all week. At least we got something fun to say...

Miriam @ 06/11/2003 11:38 AM CST

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