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Media tool Tim Russert on his education:

''The great thing about the nuns is they taught me the difference between right and wrong,'' said Russert, a product of Catholic schools in Buffalo.

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Well, he KNOWS the difference. He just doesn't necessarily ACT on that knowledge.

jima @ 06/18/2003 02:43 PM CST

Since I don't ordinarily watch these gumflappers, the only time I see guys like Russert is if they're doing something special and I get plenty of advance notice. So the first (and except for his Daily Show appearance, the only) time was when he did the questions for the senatorial debate between Hillary Clinton and Rick Lazio.

His first question to Mrs. Clinton--something about NYS's economy? Services to the western part of the state? The Indian Point reactors? The briefness of her NY residence? Preservation of the Hudson? Settling a long-standing land dispute with the Mohawk nation? The New York City/Upstate split? How she was planning to work with Pataki, Guiliani and other Republican elected officials? What ought to be done about tanking tech businesses? Campaign finance reform?

Of course not. He asked about her reaction to her mister getting a BJ.

Do you think back when he was a kid in Buffalo, the nuns used to sit down after class and talk about " . . . what an @sshole that Russert boy is"?

(I seem to recall his idea of biting social satire on The Daily Show consisted of repeatedly remarking on how "French-looking" John Kerry was.)

Molly, NYC @ 06/18/2003 02:55 PM CST

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