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OK, so the other day I had some trouble while certifying my unemployment benefits by phone. The person I talked to told me I had screwed up and needed to call again today to start over. So I did, only to find out that I couldn't certify again until July 2. I called the office again to find out what went wrong and was told that there was no way the person I spoke to on Tuesday could have undone what I did, and she didn't need to anyway because my report went through with no problems. So I figured I just wouldn't get a check this week because I earned some freelance money.

But no. Just now in the mail I got a check for my full benefit amount. Oooooookaaaaay.

I do not understand the ways of the IDES.

Also in the mail: This book. Now I can start nonprofitting the shit out of stuff!

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Woo hoo! You're buying the beers tonight!

jima @ 06/19/2003 01:24 PM CST

Interesting. What is really weird is that I had an analagous experience with our bureaucracy around money and forms and just today, the check they told me I would not get, I got. Now the question becomes, where did it come from? Because the account it should have come from was not allowed to issue it.
How many days were you unavailable for work again?

elavil @ 06/19/2003 02:44 PM CST

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