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Mr. Jimmie and I made the most of today's gorgeous weather by sitting in a darkened movie theater for two hours. The occasion: Gigantic, which sounds like it should be about the Pixies (and by the way, if somebody wanted to make a movie about the Pixies, I would totally watch it) but is in fact about There Must Be Giants. Who's They May Be Giants? It don't make no sense. Look in the paper -- don't blame me if the guy's a nut!

Anyway, if, like me, you've ever wanted to see a bunch of famous smart people talk about the greatness that is TMBG (along with exclusive clips of the Johns making and drinking lots of coffee), this is the flick for you. (Warning: Movie contains Ira Glass' chest hair.)

After that movie, we came home and watched the second feature of today's musical documentary double-header, Standing in the Shadows of Motown. All I can say is, when I grow up I want to be Bootsy Collins. There are simply not enough sequined thigh-high boots in my life.

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"Not to put too fine a point on it/ Say I'm the only bee in your bonnet /Make a little birdhouse in your soul" - They Might Be Giants, Birdhouse in Your Soul.

Great record.

Larry Lurex @ 06/23/2003 08:37 AM CST

Considering there's a Pixies musical in the works why not a Pixies movie?

drench @ 06/23/2003 09:48 AM CST

There's a Pixies musical in the works? In whose works? Where? When?

amyc @ 06/23/2003 09:58 AM CST

I hid the link info on the musical in the "homepage" field in my last post.

BTW It's called "Teenager of the Year" so we can expect more Black Francis
than Mrs. John Murphy (just like the real Pixies!)

drench @ 06/23/2003 01:54 PM CST

Oh! Thanks, mr. drench.

amyc @ 06/23/2003 02:31 PM CST

By the way, Frank Black is one of the many commentators featured in the TMBG movie. See how it all comes back around?

amyc @ 06/23/2003 02:32 PM CST

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