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So, Cinnamon suggested in my comments yesterday that I should sell my jewelry at the Renegade Craft Fair, and I poo-poo'd the idea at first. I mean, spreading out my wares on a table for the public is so much more official than just selling the occasional piece for a friend. I don't really consider myself a jewelry maker or even a particularly arty or crafty person. It's just something I do.

But, hey, it's only $50 to register, and it's only one afternoon. And just for kicks, I made a few bracelets last night (in less than an hour!) with some of the million or so leftover beads in my box. So what the hell? The only glitch: Ten feet of space is way too much for my little creations. Does anyone want to go halfsies on a slot with me?

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Perhaps if you got a few of those styrofoam heads in primary colors to display your pieces on, they give the impression of greater bulk (not to mention the impression this might give about you)?

elavil @ 06/24/2003 07:41 PM CST

Good idea. We'll have to locate our nearest head shop. Um.

jima @ 06/24/2003 07:42 PM CST

I'll see if any of my crafty friends at Glitter are looking for someone to share a table.

the other amy @ 06/25/2003 02:24 AM CST

You could call your booth "The Hall of Heads!" Well, or not.

elavil @ 06/25/2003 05:31 AM CST

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