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Apparently the thought of everyone freely sodomizing each other proved too much for Strom Thurmond.

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heee! I heard last night and had all sorts of good "bad thoughts".

was it the idea of strapping young men getting their queer groove on or that schools could in fact use race as a factor in admissions, just not as a primary factor?

oh, but lets be realistic, addled with age, strom had no fucking idea either events occurred. no. in a mason like ceremony the cloak of evil near immortality has been passed from strom's soulless and rotting carcass to a new soulless and rotting carcass[1]. now we get to spend the next 30-50 years wondering who got the cloak.

sleep well.

[1] I don't believe this in a literal sense. well, except the part about strom having no idea what events have happened in the past 2 or 3 years. that i am pretty sure.

shechemist @ 06/27/2003 09:34 AM CST

and might I add:

a more positive way of thinking about strom kicking it and the SC doing away with sodomy laws is that two relics of bigotry passed on the same day, making way for a better future.

affirmative action is going to be in the courts again. that battle isn't over yet, but sodomy laws are just as dead as strom.

shechemist @ 06/27/2003 09:45 AM CST

Someone needs to keep a close eye on the pallbearers at the funeral, to make sure they don't try to pull a fast one and abscond with his corpse, in order to build some kind of robotic skeleton inside Strom's dessicated corpse and create a Robo-Dixiecrat for the 2004 election.

jima @ 06/27/2003 09:50 AM CST

If only it were true. But yes, it's heartening to know that twoevils kicked the bucket, hopefully, as shechemist say, making it a better world to live in!!

The Fish @ 06/27/2003 09:52 AM CST

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