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1000 Reasons to Dump Bush.

I seem to recall Spy Magazine doing the same thing for his dad in 1992.

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My favorite reason for not voting for Elder Bush, from the Spy article, was a quote from Bush when he was in (I think) a parade of some sort, probably around the time he was taking Halcion:

"Hey, hey, nihoma. Hey, yeah, yeah. Heil, heil, a kind of Hitler salute."

jima @ 06/27/2003 11:03 AM CST

I'll call this list '1000 reasons why I live in Australia'

the other amy @ 06/27/2003 04:51 PM CST

You're a wise lady.

amyc @ 06/27/2003 05:54 PM CST

I need just three reasons. He's an ignorant(1), fucking(2) moron(3).

Markg @ 07/01/2003 01:12 PM CST

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