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The highlights:

Man Without a Past, a wonderful little movie (featuring a wonderful little dog). Although it managed to make Finland look like the most depressing place ever. Is everything in socialist Europe made of cinder blocks and painted pale green?

Picnicking with an assortment of Chicago bloggers. It rained. Then it stopped. We ate pie and cheese and cucumber salad. Hooray!

After the picnic I went, as I do every year, to the Chicago Dyke March. It's always way more fun than the official Pride Parade (which is sort of like a day-long beer commercial starring drag queens and aldermen). There's no corporate sponsorship at the Dyke March, although at the post-march rally site on the lake, a plane flew overhead towing a pink banner touting the new Venus razor with the baffling slogan "Reveal the Goddess in You!", provoking howls of derisive laughter from all in attendance. Anyway, the event is always a great place to catch up with the friends I haven't seen since the last Dyke March, like my friend Laura. Last time I saw her, she was getting ready to travel around the US in a microbus with her wife. She's finally back, but only in Chicago for a visit -- she and Trish bought a house in North Carolina. I lost track of her once the march started, and I didn't get her new address (so if any of y'all out there have it, please pass it on!). Also: I got to march right behind the banner with my drum-playing pals. About 20 of us had instruments (I was working that maraca, baby!) to inspire the crowd and make noise and make music. Best Dyke March ever!

Trunk show at Caravan. The store hosts occasional trunk shows with an Afghan trader, and he brought along a gorgeous (and reasonably priced!) assortment of jade, carnelian, lapis, amber and silver. I exercised restraint, but still ended up with some nice stuff that I will probably make into jewelry and sell at the craft fair.

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"Socialist Europe". I like that, it has a ring about it. Finland is quite a fun place, I understand but their film makers are really into a form of cinema which means that it is minimalist and quite dark. I wish I could remember what they call it.

The Finns, for all their faults have the freest press in the world.

I think it is law that all American films have to have happy endings.

Larry Lurex @ 07/01/2003 10:06 AM CST

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