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Something to think about next time you find yourself in overpriced knick-knack and gladrag shops Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie -- The owners have given more than $13,000 to Rick Santorum over the years and they'd prefer you didn't know that:

"Asked to clarify for the record whether he ever contributed to Santorum's reelection campaign, he counters, 'I don't want to mislead you. Like many people, I have some affinity for Rick Santorum, and I have problems with some of his positions.'"

Well, how about Santorum's charming comparison of gays with criminals who molest animals and children?

"I'm not going to comment on it," replied an "irked" Hayne.

I'm about 10 years too old for their clothes now, but I used to shop there when I was a waifish undergrad. I'm sure if UO's piercy-faced, queer-positive consumer base knew that the company shared "an affinity" for people like Senator Santorum (R-Man on Dog), they might buy their tiny tees and Paul Frank nightlights elsewhere. So be sure to tell everyone you know!

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Is it the 21st century? It is disgusting that there are people out there making laws who would say such horrible things about the sex between two consenting individuals. Closed minded people like Senator Santorum should not be allowed to hold any type of office and should not be given any money to support such backwards beliefs. Shame on Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie being in the same league with such slime. You will not see my face in their stores, or their catalogues in my mail box.

Jessica England @ 08/02/2004 03:04 PM CST

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