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OK, have any of you lovely readers been to one of these free concerts in Grant Park? I'm going to see Elvis Costello on Sunday. What's the deal -- do you just take a blanket an find a spot on the ground, or is there some sort of more formal arrangement? Can I bring food/beverages? How long before the start time should I be there? Is the sound quality pretty good?

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a few years ago I saw Tom Jones at the Grant Park thang. I remember bringing some water and a blanket and yeah, it is just a first come first served arrangement. We went kinda late (probably like an hour B4 the show started) and we were kinda far back (hows that for being noncommital). We danced to 'What's New Pussycat' etal and had a blast.
Have fun!

the other amy @ 07/04/2003 03:27 AM CST

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