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A few years back, my uncle had to move to Illinois for a year for work. He kept a spare, bachelor-style studio in a charmless Arlington Heights highrise and spent most of his weekends driving back and forth to Michigan to see my aunt. That year for Independence Day weekend, my aunt came to Chicago for a change, and their daughter flew in from Texas. They invited me over the night of the Fourth.

After dinner we retired to the balcony to watch fireworks. If there's anything positive to be said for charmless suburban highrises, and for the utter flatness of Illinois, it is this: From our little perch 15 flights up, we were able to see the fireworks displays of more than a dozen different towns. One town would wrap their event up with a rapid-fire grand finale, and another town would get theirs started as dusk progressed westward. In every direction, as far as we could see, explosions of light and sparkling color filled the sky. Ooooo! Ahhhh! It was magical.

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Ahhhhh, the highrise. Peter's sister the lawyer (but a very nice person!)lives on the 23rd floor of one of those LSD highrises. The east wall of her living room is all glass, making it the very best place to watch the Grant Park fireworks show. As a bonus, there is a super Thai noodle place just up the street. A fine balance for a misanthrope like me - all the spectacle, none of the spectators.

elavil @ 07/03/2003 08:43 AM CST

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