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If I'm going to do this craft fair thing, I think I should come up with a "name." I'll make up some little business cards to hand out in case anyone wants to order stuff later, or wants a piece in a different color or something. I thought up a couple of possibilities, but I'm not sure I like them enough:

Neato Beads (too cute?)
Seeds and Stones (unintentional appeal to pot smokers?)

I asked Jim to help me brainstorm some more ideas, and things quickly descended into silliness:

Shut Your Beadhole
Mars Needs Beads
Beading-Heart Liberal (I kinda like this one)
It Takes a Nation of Beads to Hold Us Back
If You Cut Me, Do I Not Bead?
Beadin' Like a Red-headed Stepchild (I kinda like this one, too)
Small, Round, & Holey
Only Women Bead

Then we started in on the "strand" puns, and I thought maybe I should ask for help from the level-headed fans of RubberNun. What say you?

Replies: 10 Confessions

I don't think it would be possible to improve on "Beading-Heart Liberal."

elavil @ 07/04/2003 07:01 PM CST

I second the 'Beading-Heart Liberal'. Simple and effective.
You could use a flaming heart as part of your logo:

the other amy @ 07/04/2003 07:11 PM CST

beading-heart liberal is fucking perfect.

shechemist @ 07/04/2003 08:21 PM CST

Another vote for the beading-heart.

Although you could take *that* in another direction: "Bestill My Beading Heart."

Andrew @ 07/07/2003 11:23 AM CST

So, nobody likes "Beadin' like a red-headed stepchild"?

amyc @ 07/07/2003 01:21 PM CST

2 problems that I see:
1) Too long for a business card
2) Open to interpretation, considering that you yourself have red hair.
I'm just sayin'.

elavil @ 07/07/2003 02:06 PM CST

beadtastic! yes it's stupid but funny stupid!

amy beth @ 07/07/2003 10:15 PM CST

Oooh! I'm torn between the Beading Heart Liberal and Beading Like a Red-Headed Stepchild. But, the first will fit on a card better, and it lends itself to a great logo.

Cinnamon @ 07/08/2003 05:00 PM CST

My only worry is that Beading-Heart Liberal makes the jewelry sound political, sorta like the activist jewelry at She Does Jewelry. (I've been meaning to steal her ideas for a while, though.)

amyc @ 07/08/2003 05:11 PM CST

Perhaps if you used a [heart] symbol instead of the word, then people would think you were being a wise-acre, a not unwarranted assumption, I believe. And also you could send some tiny portion of your profits (there might be profits!) to a worthy liberal cause?

elavil @ 07/09/2003 12:41 PM CST

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