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Found while jobhunting in the Reader this week, under Theater/Performing Arts:

LION TAMER WANTED for Defiant Fabulon, August 8-10, Viaduct. Experience preferred, but not essential. Must have health insurance. Also needed, one lion. Preferably trained....

OK, several things about this ad amuse me. But the Viaduct Theatre is just a couple blocks from my apartment, and the idea of a "preferably trained" lion being so nearby makes me a little jumpy. Then again, perhaps this is the career break I've been looking for. I've already got the hat.

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At least they didn't ask for a lioness. Ahem.

elavil @ 07/07/2003 03:28 PM CST

I think people know better than to try to tame a lioness.

amyc @ 07/07/2003 03:30 PM CST

I don't know I feel about three doors down from me having a cut rate lion and lion tamer. I mean, I know just how thin and frail their back doors are. I really don't want my apartment building (or *shutter* my dogs) in footage of Fox's
"When Animals Attack".

shechemist @ 07/07/2003 04:01 PM CST

Perhaps that ad should have also said "And one cage, sturdy."

elavil @ 07/07/2003 04:43 PM CST

And the whip? You've got the whip right? Hmm...

The Fish @ 07/08/2003 08:11 AM CST

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