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Look! They're freaky. Especially the cat-duck. Peruse the whole gallery if you don't spend enough of your life freaked right out.

Thanks, I think, to the Blort-people.

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It's good to see that other people are doing with pictures what I do with music (i.e., frightening the masses).

jima @ 07/08/2003 11:32 AM CST


elavil @ 07/08/2003 11:34 AM CST


the other amy @ 07/08/2003 05:59 PM CST

I believe most of these beasts are native to Australia, right?

amyc @ 07/08/2003 06:45 PM CST

One of those was Kerry's sixth grade English teacher -- you know, the one who told us Kerry was failing her self-esteem unit.

elavil @ 07/08/2003 07:09 PM CST

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