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Slacktivist has a great post on media reports of pointless surveys as fact.

Salon posted an interesting compilation of editorials from major African newspapers about Bush's trip. (Austin Ejiet sounds sort of like the Ugandan Ed Anger.) Best opening line: "Were he the type to notice things, Bush would sense a sea change in the continent's mood towards America since the last time Bill Clinton visited." (Kenya, Gitau Warigi in the Nation)

A tooth said to belong to Elvis Presley is going up for sale on eBay.

Bands Against Bush, "a diverse, international resistance group of artists and musicians opposed to the Bush administration's foreign and domestic policies."

And some stuff I'm adding to the links list:

Billmon has had a bunch of great posts lately. Read 'em all!

Want one-stop shopping for global GLBT news? QueerDay is for you!

Sister Rosalind's Massage Ministry. Seriously.

FuckCorporateGroceries makes me hungry. Fanatical Apathy makes me laugh.

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All I heard were some anonymous weasel words written by a bunch of corporate hacks who realize they can no longer defend or obscure one of their more egregious lies.

Thank you, Sister. Billmon was definitely worth it.

elavil @ 07/08/2003 02:02 PM CST

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