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Santorum wrote an op-ed. TBogg gives him what for:

Is Rick Santorum retarded? Not one of the "family breakdown" issues he mentions have anything to do with gays wishing to be married. Men and women will still get married. They will still have children. Some will even have many children like Rick & Karen Santorum, who have them so frequently her doctor finally gave her a velcro episiotomy. I don't understand people who are so insecure about their own marriage that they feel that anything that supposedly "undermines the institution" is a threat to them. Is the fact that gay marriage isn't sanctioned by the goverment the only thing that is keeping Santorum on the (very) straight and narrow?

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New band name: Velcro Episiotomy.

jima @ 07/10/2003 01:59 PM CST

The underlying theme in these arguments seems to be that gay people somehow cheapen marriage, implying that gay love is less valid than straight love and/or that gay people are not real people, but abominations of some kind that shouldn't be given the same rights as straight people any more than cats should be allowed to vote. They'll never come out and say it, because it would tip their hand, but they really think gay people are evil monsters and cannot separate that belief from the idea of a Constitutional directive that makes ALL people the same in the eyes of the law. I like how Santorum uses phrases like "common sense" to avoid having to go into detail about assertions that have no other basis except his rampant bigotry.

Frida Peeple @ 07/13/2003 01:08 PM CST

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