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Cinnamon wrote a great post the other day about how her family was helped by the Head Start program, which is in danger of being completely fucked over by the Bush administration even though it works wonderfully and helps a lot of people.

The Republicans always like to say that government programs designed to help the poor amount to getting "something for nothing," that these programs destroy the work ethic, which they are completely against (unless, of course, you're a child of wealth, in which case you should be able to coast through life on your daddy's or your granddaddy's money, attend the best schools without learning anything, become a "successful" businessman while losing your investors' millions, and get appointed to the highest office in the land even though you've never actually done anything of consequence and don't give a shit about anyone else). Follow the links at Cinnamon's site and send some letters to help save Head Start from the bad people.

Another great liberal government program is getting the shit kicked out of it by the Bushies -- and not for any reason other than that Bill Clinton developed it, and he still must be punished. That program is AmeriCorps, a volunteer service agency that provides education, health care, affordable housing and disaster relief to America's poor and elderly. Bush cut almost 60% of AmeriCorps' funding this year, reducing its staff of young volunteers from 67,000 to 30,000, which seriously jeopardizes many of the nearly 900 programs AmeriCorps operates.

We found out about this last night at Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. (See? Experimental theatre is good for the world!) Two of the current TMLMTBGB ensemble members are AmeriCorps alumni, and one of last night's 30 plays was a plea to the audience to get involved and spread the word. So, hey, that's what blogs are for!

Go to to find out more about the program, send some letters and learn what you can do to help.

The good news: The Senate voted last week to restore $100 million in emergency funding to AmeriCorps. The bad news: That spending bill is now headed to the House, which is full of jerks who hate everything. AmeriCorps is not out of the woods yet. Go save it!

Replies: 2 Confessions

Now, of course I get it that he was lying, but here's something that I've wondered how Bush reconciled these things: At the State of the Union address (it was 2002, wasn't it?) he thought everybody ought to commit to a year's worth of volunteer service to their country. How is it, then, that with this commitment on his mind, how is it that he cut AmeriCorp?

I bet he sleeps pretty well at night. I really do.

Charlie @ 07/14/2003 06:12 PM CST

Um, because he's an asshole?

amyc @ 07/14/2003 07:12 PM CST

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