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Bitch Magazine, one of the greatest things ever, is having a major financial crisis. The plucky dames who create this magnificent mag of pop culture and feminism four times a year need about 3,000 more subscribers this year to stay afloat. According to an e-mail from editor and founder Lisa Jervis:

Here's why subscriptions are so crucial to our financial health: When people buy Bitch at a bookstore, we eventually (four to five months later) get between $1.77 and $1.98 of the $4.95 plus tax that it costs. When people subscribe, they pay only $3.75 per issue (better for them), and we get all of the money right away (better for us).

I devour Bitch, reading it cover to cover the minute it slides through the mail slot. I've purchased every issue since it was a small, hand-stapled zine back in the day. The writing is wonderful, the articles are fascinating, the book and record reviews insightful. Each Bitch examines popular culture filtered through lenses of race, class, and gender without coming off stuffy or starchy or pretentious. Even stories I glance over, thinking they won't interest me, pull me in and make me think. It's like Ms. without the old-school stodginess, or Bust without all the makeup tips. It's smart and great and you'll love it.

Subscribe. Buy subscriptions for friends. Spread the word. Save Bitch!

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