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I'm not entirely sure how this woman thinks she's helping the cause:

In March, Robertson, 23, of Norfolk, Va., legally changed her name to that of a major vegetarian Web site, a move that she hopes will draw attention to the plight of farm animals that she says are raised in cramped quarters and subjected to painful procedures.

"There's a little bit of laughing every time somebody says my name, and that's great, you know?" said over lunch....

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So...does one call her "GoVeg" for short? Or just "Dot-com?"

Andrew @ 07/20/2003 09:28 PM CST

That's MS. dot-com to you!

elavil @ 07/21/2003 07:21 AM CST

Well, I'm vegetarian but if I wasn't I don't think her antics would convince me. Sounds like more of a publicity stunt to improve her standing within the veggie community politics, to me.

Animals are mistreated, and going veggie may help but a heck of a lot of people are mistreated in this world too. I think her efforts would be better directed towards righting that great wrong first.

Larry Lurex @ 07/21/2003 08:31 AM CST

I'm not sure what's provoking the "Oh, for fuck's sake" reaction. Here's a young woman standing up for kindness and humanity in a creative, humorous way and even if we don't think it's an effective tactic, I think we ought to admire her gumption. I wish there were more people in the world like her. Also, regarding Larry's comment about directing efforts toward mistreatment of people first: there's no good reason why it should be an either/or choice. It's not taking care of people OR taking care of animals, it's taking care of people AND taking care of animals. Compassion is not a finite resource, and neither is justice.

Rock Lobster @ 07/21/2003 04:07 PM CST

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