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I had to take a little break there. Last week was busy, then bad -- three plays, two movies, some disheartening (but not entirely unexpected) family stress, fear, loathing, errands, a migraine that lasted three days, and a pinched nerve in my neck that left me unable to move my aching head without even more pain.

Somehow I've gotten it into my brain that if I'm not sitting before my computer from the time I wake up until the time Jim comes home, I'm never going to find another job. Leaving the house during the day means the swarms of tiny, biting guilt-monkeys will cling to my skin, and the passers-by will see them and point and yell "Slacker! Loser! Get a job, you freak!" in my direction. But there just aren't that many jobs to apply for, so after the daily resumes go out I spend my time scanning blogs, reading the news (all of it bad), checking all four of my e-mail accounts every 20 minutes or so. And sometimes just staring.

This tactic has had predictable effects on my health and well-being. So I've spent the last couple days reading, beading, and getting some fresh air. It's been wonderful. So if I owe you an e-mail or a phone call or a kidney, now you know the score.

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Didn't you promise, back when you had that migraine I think it was, that you would write this grant proposal for me? By the way, I wish you'd hurry up, because it's due Friday.
I'm just sayin'.

elavil @ 07/23/2003 06:35 AM CST

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