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It appears I've gone and counted my eggs before they'd quite hatched, and now I've got a basket full of salmonella. Or something.

Anyway the upshot is this -- the Renegade Craft Fair folks have filled all their slots without me and my doo-dads, so I've got to figure out what to do with the 30 or so pieces I've made in the last couple weeks that I was hoping to sell to the nice people. So all you friendly folks who mentioned wanting to buy some of my jewelry -- now's your chance! I'll probably put them up on eBay or something this week. Watch this space!

Fortunately I decided at the outset I wasn't going to spend a lot of money on supplies for this show -- almost everything I've made came from leftover beads that were taking up space in my tackle box (not that they're any less beautiful or special! I just tend to overestimate how much I'll need for a project, and it adds up after two years). So the only investment I made in this gig was buying a card table at Target, which we can probably use anyway. But still. It's gym class all over again, and the only thing worse than being the last one picked for teams is not being picked at all. So, I'll just be the clumsy kid with the thick glasses and the rainbow assortment of inhalers and the possibly contagious rash, sitting on the bench with my doctor's note pinned to my parka while y'all play kick ball.

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wait a minute, didn't you send them a deposit on a space? WTF? pigfuckers.

And I still think you should get in contact with CutxPaste. Couldn't hurt.....

TOA @ 07/23/2003 04:47 PM CST

Yeah, I sent the $50 registration fee, but they're returning it.

amyc @ 07/23/2003 04:51 PM CST

Yes, we sent in a deposit; it was refunded today.

jima @ 07/23/2003 04:51 PM CST

I'm with the other Amy. There's plenty of art/craft fairs in the midwest in the summertime. Back on the road again . . . .
Oh, and obviously, those people are maroons not to want your work but I know the Art Fair Off the Square here in Madison has rigid quotas for media - so many potters, so many sculptors, etc., so it gets way hard to get in unless you applied in the winter. But not all venues are that anal.

elavil @ 07/23/2003 05:38 PM CST

You were lucky - at least you had inhalers and a rash...

Larry Lurex @ 07/24/2003 08:28 AM CST

Yeah, I didn't get in either. Bummed? Youbetcha schweetheart!

Cinnamon @ 07/24/2003 02:11 PM CST

We should have our own damn craft fair, Cinnamon! Who would stop us?

I was kind of surprised that so many of the vendors who made the cut are actually so professional -- full-time businesses with ad budgets, fancy e-commerce sites, coverage in Bust and Venus, etc. I guess I misunderstood what the planners meant by "renegade" and "diy." I thought it would be just a bunch of cool chicks who make stuff in their spare time.

amyc @ 07/24/2003 02:16 PM CST

I agree with you. I was doing a little more research on the people involved and I was like, "Hey! I'm as cool as she is!" and I was amazed by the number of people who sell their wares in stores. Yeah, the "renegade" title at least isn't so true anymore. Oh well! I'm not bitter, just disappointed.

And, you should be proud to know that you are a "blog of note" over at Ms. Musings. Congratulations chica!

Cinnamon @ 07/24/2003 04:30 PM CST

Oh, my golly! I had no idea! I'd like to thank the Academy...

amyc @ 07/24/2003 05:11 PM CST

maybe *renegade* refers to the types of crafts and the approach being taken, not whether their professional or not?? DIY can be done at a professional level....look at sublime stitcher, cutxpaste, ex libris anonymous. that's pretty f-ing cool if you ask me.

r.c.f. @ 07/26/2003 12:27 PM CST

Hey, I've got nothing against the ladies who can make a living at their crafty work. More power to them! But, for example, Sublime Stitcher stuff is already carried in dozens of retail stores -- I thought the little one-day Wicker Park show would be more for people who don't already have that kind of exposure.

amyc @ 07/27/2003 07:09 AM CST

what gave you that idea?? this fair was open to everyone and anyone. there are both amateur and *professional* artists participating in the fair. i would say that most of these people don't make a living off of their craft and don't have much exposure beyond their own websites (if they have one to begin with).
the *renegade craft fair* is about organizing an UNCONVENTIONAL craft fair. that is roughly the definition of renegade. alot of those *professionals* are able to support themselves through their craft because what they do is completely unique and/or unconventional!!
who deserves more to be in the craft fair...someone who makes their craft their life, or someone who's trying to get rid of a pile of beads they've had lying around for two years?? let me pose this question: if you were organizing a craft fair and sublime stitcher applied, would you reject her?? would you reject these really talented people just cuz they have some exposure?? it's about the art, not the person!

r.c.f. @ 07/27/2003 10:19 AM CST

Whoa, settle down, "rcf"! I'm not telling you who to accept or reject for your little craft fair. I misunderstood your intentions -- and apparently I'm not the only one who did. I thought "renegade" might refer to the kind of people who wouldn't ordinarily have a booth at a craft fair.

As for the "pile of beads lying around for two years" swipe -- I'm unemployed. I make jewelry all the time, and it's very important to me, but I'm not in a position to buy a lot of beads and supplies right now. I'm new to selling my stuff, so I have to work with what I've got until I start making some money. Sorry if my thrifty-ness offends you so deeply.

amyc @ 07/27/2003 03:34 PM CST

And another thing, your craft fair was not really open to "anyone and everyone" -- it was open to 60 or so vendors, and more than that applied, so you had to make judgment calls. If I had known I was competing for space against the pros, I probably would have been too intimidated to even apply -- I'm not that good or that experienced. My craft is not my life. I am but a humble lass with some sparkly necklaces, but I love what I do and thought showing my wares would be fun.

I understood it this way: If someone had been planning a "Renegade Zine Fair" I wouldn't have expected established, successful zines like Bitch, Bust and Venus to be there, even though they're really good at what they do, and they do it independently and all that. I would have expected such an event to be mostly people with their own hand-stapled, b&w, Kinko's-copied work, trying to get a little attention.

That's obviously not what you had in mind. I'm not saying you're wrong -- I'm saying I misunderstood. So please stop insulting me personally on my comments page, if you don't mind. I know I wasn't good enough. Your rubbing it in does not reflect well on you.

amyc @ 07/27/2003 04:16 PM CST

the craft fair was open to anyone and everyone to apply. we were completely surprised when more established artists and out-of-towners started to apply. we didn't have any expectations or intentions when we began the planning process....this is just how it turned out. but, we also have all sorts of peeps in the fair....half of them don't have a business name or website or anything fancy.
i'm not here to insult anybody....i didn't try to, but i'm sorry if i did. i was simply using your own words. i just want to make clear here how the term *renegade* is being used cuz there does seem to be a misunderstanding. we were flooded with applications. we didn't want to cut anybody....but we only have so much space. it's not personal and we didn't turn anybody down cuz they were too amateur or anything like that. we just had to diversify the crafts as much as possible and we also wanted to keep it kinda edgy. so, in fact, we turned some people down cuz they were too professional. we didn't think they'd be happy with the fair. and in that sense it is a fair where most of the artists there wouldn't normally have a booth at a craft fair.

rcf @ 07/28/2003 11:24 AM CST

i'm not here to insult anybody....i didn't try to, but i'm sorry if i did. i was simply using your own words.

Well, I don't really consider my jewelry-making to be "getting rid of a pile of beads." There's a whole heap of judgment in that phrase that was sounds like it was meant to put me in my place. AmyC = insufficiently crafty. I get it.

But thanks for the further explanation of your selection process. I'm glad I wasn't the only one confused.

amyc @ 07/28/2003 04:41 PM CST

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