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Jim and I helped our pal Nan move to her new Andersonville digs this morning, and I'm so exhausted I could just cry. Tomorrow, there will be aching. But tonight, we celebrate!

Because we also spent the weekend stocking up on our blessed Chuck Taylors before Nike gets its bloodstained hands on Converse. After this, we can buy no more. They're my favorite sneakers ever -- so plain, so comfy -- but I'll be danged if Phil Knight gets any of my money ever. (I know, I know -- nearly all sneakers are made in Asian sweatshops now, but Nike just sucks all kinds of ass and can certainly afford to do better.)

Anyway, pickings were slim in our respective sizes at Belmont Army Surplus and Alamo Shoes, but we're set for about a decade now. Mr. Jimmie, as is his wont, went for the hi-tops, scoring shoes in black, white, navy, red, and charcoal grey. I, on the other hand, am a confirmed lo-top gal (opposites attract!). I bought charcoal, navy, all-blacks, and {{popup chucks_with_flames.jpg chucks_with_flames 300x225}}these bad kitties.

How can it be? Her feet are engulfed in flames, yet she does not cry out!

Fear me!

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Do you recall Phineas's bowling shoes? Didn't they have flames like that? Boy, I envy you those shoes a great deal. Did they come in seven and a half?

elavil @ 07/27/2003 08:47 PM CST

I think my flames might be grander, but Phin gets points for doing his lovingly by hand.

Mine are a men's size 5, which fits my size 7-1/2 footsies just fine.

amyc @ 07/27/2003 08:51 PM CST

covet covet covet covet

elavil @ 07/28/2003 09:14 AM CST

Oi! I knew about the Nike take-over & indeed feared for the future of Chucks, but is this definitive news that they will change/discontinue or otherwise harm them? Curses and pox upon Nike.

Morrigan @ 07/28/2003 12:42 PM CST

I don't think Nike plans to change the shoes in any way. I just don't want Nike to have any of my money.

amyc @ 07/28/2003 01:10 PM CST

You'll be a hit with the NASCAR crowd at the Saturday party in Pontiac, home of the Wide Track!

Mom C @ 07/28/2003 09:36 PM CST

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