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Found at Gapers' Block:

The famously brainless Durst only fanned the flames, first encouraging the catcalls and flying trash, then swerving into a bizarre tirade against the crowd and city. Ranting that he'd fight anyone in earshot and spluttering explicit sexual putdowns, uncreative curses and ludicrous homophobic slurs, Durst simply self-destructed.

He also took a lemon in the nards. A lemon! Bwahahaha!

Replies: 4 Confessions

Perfect. Who knew Metallica fans could make art?

elavil @ 07/29/2003 03:44 PM CST

Man, I'm so proud of Chicago rock fans right now.

TOA @ 07/29/2003 04:52 PM CST

I'm still wondering who brings lemons to a Metallica show.

amyc @ 07/29/2003 07:41 PM CST

When at a horrible concert, take your lemons and make nutty lemonade. Priceless!

Cinnamon @ 07/30/2003 04:58 PM CST

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