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Arnold's probably not running for governor of California.

I wonder how many people signed that stupid recall petition thinking they were going to be able to swap Gray Davis for The Terminator. Which makes me wonder if that was the plan all along -- make people think Schwarzenegger was going to run to get them excited about the recall so they could get enough signatures, knowing full well that he had no plans to actually run for office.

Perhaps I'm paranoid, but we are talking about Republicans, and they've proven that they'll do anything to subvert democracy and gain power.

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This topic makes my blood boil. I cannot believe that my tax dollars are going to pay for this stupid recall election.

I live in So. Cal. (just moved back after living in Chicago for four hoo I miss Lakeview) so I had to walk by the petition collectors on my way into the grocery store on a regular basis. It just kills me to think of all the time I spend volunteering for Dean's campaign while these empty headed fools were getting paid to collect signatures. This is democracy?

You can find some interesting comentary on the recall and other stuff at

ms. haplopia @ 07/29/2003 07:57 PM CST

I live in Los Angeless and I am pissed off at being pissed on by the Republican Party.

I hate that my state will be the next laughingstock of this country, in what will probably be known as Florida Recount Redux. When I think about how I laughed my ass of at those fools in Florida, I cringe at the thought that now California is being bitten in the ass by the same snake.

I am voting for Davis no matter what. Davis' mistake was not constantly reminding Californians about the links between the Bush Administration, Enron and the resulting California energy crisis. He needed to remind us that this President turned his back on California during this crisis. He refused to step in to help this state and now people blame Davis.

This is one of many reasons why this recall is WRONG!! But, the main reason is that Davis won his election fair and square and for Darrell Issa to put Californians through the expense and turmoil of a recall is beyond fucking belief.

I can tell you that most people I know will vote for Davis because they do not want a Republican Governor. If this recall fails to get the Republicans in, I am willing to bet that it will kill the Republican party in California for good. In fact I'm praying for it.

RitaM @ 07/30/2003 12:39 AM CST

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