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Digby says:

The fact is that it does not matter if our candidate actually supported the war in Iraq or not. If John Kerry is the nominee rather than Howard Dean, do they actually believe that the Republicans will not find a way to portray him as soft on national security? Please.

It. Does. Not. Matter. What. We. Actually. Do.

We could sign on to a 0% tax rate for millionaires, repeal of Social Security, prison terms for homosexuality and oil rigs in the middle of San Francisco Bay and they would still say we are liberal, tax and spend, tree hugging, treasonous pacifists because it is in their interest to do so. Until we stop tugging our forelocks and sniveling around like beaten dogs, thereby validating their lies, they will be believed by a fair number of Americans. People who turn the other cheek when they are being unfairly and relentlessly attacked are either saints or pussies ... and the DLC arenít saints.

The way to change the Republican propaganda-created perception that the Democratic Party is a bunch of namby pamby, liberal, pacifist big spenders is to FIGHT BACK.

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Fight back how? Reanimate Lee Atwater? And just exactly what does he mean by "pussy"?

elavil @ 07/30/2003 08:11 AM CST

And just exactly what does he mean by "pussy"?

Joe Lieberman. Tom Daschle. Richard Gephardt. All the "If I vote with the President on everything it will make people like me" DLC Democrats.

The DLC is running around saying how dangerous and unelectable Howard Dean is, that he's a left-wing extremist (even though he's pro-gun and pro-death penalty) just because he came out against the war before the situation in Iraq became the quagmire it is now and because he's not a complete trog on gay rights. But he's popular with the Democratic base (and raising a lot of money) because he's the only candidate who seems to have a spine.

I don't think finding Democrats willing to stand their ground and call out the Bush Administration on their lies is the same as reanimating Lee Atwater. There's no need to distort and lie, but there is a need to tell the truth and the DLC Dems are not up to the job.

amyc @ 07/30/2003 09:11 AM CST

Well, I know WHO he means by "pussy." But I seriously resent the word, which I happened to hear flying out of the mouth of Bill Maher quite a lot the other night, sometimes in the context of something he wanted (You're THIS FAR from PUSSY!") and sometimes in the context of something he despised, as it is used here. And I can't say I like either usage much.

elavil @ 07/30/2003 12:25 PM CST

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