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President Bush on Wednesday accepted personal responsibility for a discredited portion of last winter's State of the Union address that suggested Saddam Hussein was shopping for nuclear material in Africa.

And it only took seven months! Republicans sure are the party of personal responsibility! (They must have run out of CIA people to blame.)

And in even more encouraging news, when Bush was asked how close we are to finding that pesky ol' Saddam Hussein, he responded:

"Closer than we were yesterday, I guess. All I know is we're on the hunt," he added.

Sadly, no one asked how close we are to finding Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden, however, still knows where we are:

Bush also said there was a "real threat" of a new al-Qaida attack on the United States, responding to a Department of Homeland Security warning about the possibility that the terror organization tied to the Sept. 11 terror attacks may try more suicide hijackings.

But, we're still winning that war on terror, right? I mean, we sure blowed up a lot of stuff!

After reaffirming his fear of gay marriage and his faith-based assertion that the economy's gonna turn around any minute now, Bush called the news conference short, muttering "too much thinky make brain hurt".

Replies: 5 Confessions

Also I see that we are still in Condition Yellow despite this renewed threat. Why, it seems only yesterday that we went all orange over a similar level of menace. What's the matter? No patriotic national holiday to exploit?

elavil @ 07/30/2003 12:43 PM CST

Yeah, you'd think that as low as Bush's poll numbers are, he'd be cranking that Homeland Security fear-o-meter up to red.

amyc @ 07/30/2003 12:49 PM CST

Gosh, I can't imagine being more afraid of the Dept. of Homeland Security than I am already . . . .

elavil @ 07/30/2003 01:17 PM CST

So of course now is a good time to cut funding for air marshalls.

amyc @ 07/30/2003 03:18 PM CST

Salon's now reporting that the funding cuts are being rejected by Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

jima @ 07/31/2003 10:25 AM CST

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