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Blogging will be nonexistent this weekend. Here, I mean. Not everywhere. It's wrong for me to project like that. I'll be venturing back to my ancestral homeland (site of the world's least necessary Flash intro) for my niece's graduation party. See, she was wise and decided not to compete with every other graduation party in June. Mr. Jimmie will be staying home with the beasts.

I plan to use my 12 hours on the train to catch up on some reading -- I'm still less than halfway through the book I've been nibbling at for weeks. I miss having my daily commute for reading, because I feel too guilty just curling up with a book these days, like I should be using that time for job hunting. But what else can I do while in Mother Amtrak's steely embrace except read?

And you, what are you doing this weekend?

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I am transcribing interviews with young adults in wheelchairs. Yes, yes, I know, how you wish you had a life as exciting as mine, but there it is.
I am also re-reading Margaret Atwood's The Robber Bride and seeing a whole lot in it that I didn't the first time through.

elavil @ 07/31/2003 02:54 PM CST

cleaning so when you and mr. jimmie come over for dinner on thursday you won't have to wade knee deep in printed words and pet fur to get to the table.

oh and shopping at the cool ass japanese market for the above dinner, unless you hate veggie rolls and rice.

oh and making sushi rolls for myself cuz it has been a while and I could use the practice.

oh and writing my personal frigging statement for my frigging apps to fine universities across this great land.

oh and taking another kayaking lesson unless the sky opens up in that time slot.

shechemist @ 08/01/2003 09:46 AM CST

Based on the report from our admissions committee on good statements, talk both about how much you love science and about how critical it is to provide healthcare to underserved populations. For some reason, they liked this.

elavil @ 08/01/2003 10:50 AM CST

I was planning on talking about how much I love science and that the reason why I want to switch careers from being a bench chemist is I find the work socially isolating. additionally the only way I can advance career wise is if I give up hands-on work to become either a sales rep, or an adminstrator of some ilk which would leave me feeling antsy.

of course all of this would be in complete sentances and spell checked. *smile*

not to mention being a sales rep for pharma would cause my water bill to skyrocket for all the showers I would be taking. *shutter*

I'll keep in mind the "underserved" population thing. I need to figure out how to slip that baby in without it looking like callow ploy for acceptance. *smile*


shechemist @ 08/01/2003 11:07 AM CST

i think that instead of jerk of the day dot com we could come up with a really great unesessary flash intro dot com

amy beth @ 08/01/2003 11:23 AM CST

Wow, you're from Pontiac and now live in Chicago? I'm originally from Rochester and lived in Chicago until '97. Wacky.

Morrigan (aka Beth, owner of second sister) @ 08/01/2003 11:40 AM CST

12 hours on the train?! Jeezus, that must stop by Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Detroit on the way, right? Wow.

Actually, I heard a story on NPR about a month ago about how congested the rail traffic is in Chicago.

You have my personal absolution to go read a good book, this weekend. But not a crappy book, just a good one.

Charlie @ 08/01/2003 02:25 PM CST

It's 12 hours round-trip, not one way (thank the Baby Jesus). And I am reading a very good book -- Nobody's Fool by Richard Russo. I made tremendous progress on it today!

amyc @ 08/01/2003 08:21 PM CST

We went to see Mrs Lurex's dad this weekend, he lives by the sea and for a change the weather was really warm (by British standards) - it must have reached nearly 30C (about 86F)

I know that's not a lot for you New Worlders, but you are on the same latitude as Morocco.

Larry Lurex @ 08/05/2003 03:31 AM CST

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