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Good riddance, you rat bastard!

Of course, he'll probably land a cushy job at some rat-bastard think tank, because his sort of evil is never adequately punished. But still.

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Got him! And only ten years too late . . . .

elavil @ 07/31/2003 05:14 PM CST

gah. I had forgotten he was still sliming around.


shechemist @ 08/01/2003 09:51 AM CST

Seize that man!

Agatha @ 08/01/2003 03:12 PM CST

Don't worry, that sort never really get away unpunished. Look at Thatcher - she's got some form of dementia now, which must be horrible. But it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.

Larry Lurex @ 08/05/2003 03:26 AM CST

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